Most people that own a vehicle, no matter how expensive or inexpensive, new or old, big or small, sporty or luxurious – they like to keep it clean. However, the reality is that the elements around us (those brought by Mother Nature through to pets that are dear to us) can create a real mess inside and outside the car.

In an ideal world, one would buy a car and leave it locked up and only take it out in perfect weather conditions. Some want their cars wrapped up in cling film or bubble wrap to keep it protected at all times. That’s any car owners ultimate dream but the truth is that these machines we own in most cases has a purpose and to achieve this purpose they must be driven and come face to face with what is out there.

CrystalXtreme® partners with MB Motors

After partnering with CrystalXtreme, MB Motors (celebrating its 25 years anniversary) offers its customers the opportunity to purchase protection for the exterior and interior of all new and old Mercedes vehicles which is applied as part of their PDI or annual inspection. With headquarters in Granollers and delegations in Badalona, ​​Barcelona, ​​Cabrera de Mar, and soon in the Commercial Centre of La Maquinista in Barcelona.

Being a leading luxury automotive brand, Mercedes Benz is always looking for new ways to enhance their product portfolio to and increase value for their customers whilst focussing on the ‘premium’ aspect of their brand. This is why MB Motors official distributor of Mercedes Benz in the region of Catalunya Spain decided to partner with CrystalXtreme – Liquid Glass Protection.

The CrystalXtreme range of products provide Mercedes Benz customers with the following benefits:

Product Name Application Benefit
Xtreme Hard Surface Protection Car body Makes the car exterior hydrophobic, oleophobic, abrasion resistant and easy to clean, protecting from dirt, grime, grease, and minor scuffs.
Xtreme Advanced Glass Protection Windscreen/ Windows Makes glass surfaces of vehicle hydrophobic, oleophobic, abrasion resistant, easy to clean and enhances visibility when driving in adverse conditions.
Xtreme Soft Surface Protection Car Upholstery Makes fabrics hydrophobic, olephobic and protects from staining, dirt, and grime impregnation.

Luis Cortinas MB Motors After Sales Managing Director said “CrystalXtreme is exactly the kind of product I have been looking for. It offers German-Engineered quality together with a premium brand at an affordable price for the end consumer, allowing my sales team to easily sell the entire range product and make a good commission.”

In addition to meeting Mercedes Benz’s premium brand requirements, CrystalXtreme® also has the same company values. “Protecting the things you care about with eco-friendly technology.” This brand value has brought both companies even closer and the MB Motors team will be using our CrystalXtreme® automotive protective technology for the ECO series 2015 to provide them with a competitive advantage.

Do you want a competitive advantage? Get in touch with us today, and find out how you can save money by protecting your car the eco-friendly way!


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