Nigel Lamb and CrystalXtreme®

Nigel Lamb, Breitling Team Red Bull Air Race 2015 World Champion and the first professional sporting legend to work with CrystalXtreme said “Aerodynamic drag reduction is paramount in this competitive air sport where we are endlessly striving for those elusive small fractions of seconds. I’ll be delighted with any competitive advantage the Breitling Racing Team can gain with CrystalXtreme.” – wise words from the legend who became world champion the same year!

For most aviation maintenance technicians, the first day on the job involves a bucket of water instead of a wrench. That bucket helps a technician learn about the attention to detail. Dirt can hide cracks, failing rivets, damage and many other potential problems. With CrystalXtreme® Permanent Protection’s superphobic properties reduced soiling and drag reduction can be achieved.

We all know that the aviation sector spends a lot of money on protecting planes including commercial airlines, private jets and military aircrafts. The requirements for each are different; all aircrafts go through an incredible amount of changes in pressure through both speed and changes in altitude. CrystalXtreme® Xtreme Permanent Protection has been designed to withstand extraordinary changes in pressure and altitude. With heat resistance of up to 750°C and as low as -90°C. It creates a super-hydrophobic Nano-layer to slide through the air.

Thank you! To the constant emergence of new technologies that are helping us predict the weather conditions more accurately day by day. However, it is still inevitable to come across many unexpected surprises when flying at such altitudes. CrystalXtreme® Xtreme Hard Surface Protection provides great protection and hydrophobicity for the airframe and flight deck windshield, in order to repel all the bugs and dirt encountered during the flight.

CrystalXtreme® has been proven to be significantly more durable than the conventional protective coatings which are currently being used in the market. Our aviation grade Xtreme Permanent Protection can be applied on plane engines as well as the body of the aircraft to help protect from corrosion and harsh weather conditions. CrystalXtreme® Xtreme Permanent Protection needs to be professionally applied by trained personnel.

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