Once again, 2nd time in a row, Team Optimum 3 won the 54th Aegean sailing rally.

The Aegean rally is Greece’s oldest and most prestigious annual sailing event organized by HORC (the Hellenic Offshore Racing Club). 21 boats from Greece, Germany, France and Israel competed in three offshore races and made three stopovers at the islands of Syros, Chios and Skyros covering over 300 nautical miles sailing against the Meltemi and the Aegean waves.

A video reviewing the race below (CrystalXtreme logo is on the boom of the Team Optimum 3 boat seen from the 30-minute mark onwards):


As boats, yachts, cruise ships and other marine transportation are subject to the elements both under the water and above, a lot of work is put in to keep looking clean and protected. As we know, with marine transportation, and especially those that spend a long time at sea, maintenance can become a costly maintenance activity.

CrystalXtreme® can be applied to the entire body of the vessel as well as the internal components. Its anti-corrosion, anti-abrasion, cold and heat tolerance (-90°C / +750°C) make it the perfect coating for the marine industry.  For those that race in water, CrystalXtreme® also keeps the hull of the boat underwater cleaner and the surface smoother reducing drag, hence increasing the efficiency which results in higher speeds. Just ask Kevin Burdock who broke the world record with his coated P1 Powerboat.

CrystalXtreme® offers incredible benefits for the marine industry, from anti-fouling to enhancing the appearance and performance of a vessel. Coated bridge windows remain clearer in stormy conditions, sea salt does not burn into coated glass and coated funnels are resistant to staining caused by exhaust deposits maintaining a presentable ship.

The biostatic properties of our CrystalXtreme® Xtreme Hard Surface Protection also create an antimicrobial surface essential for the cruise ship industry. Outbreaks of diseases have caused major disruption in the recent years. When CrystalXtreme® took the ASTM E2180 antimicrobial test, results proved a 99.9% reduction in levels of organisms when tested with Salmonella, Staph. aureus and E.coli.

In addition, Drag testing conducted on vessels with CrystalXtreme® coating have demonstrated a reduction in drag which increases in performance allowing vessels to be more fuel efficient, protecting the environment and reducing the damage to marine life.

So, stop worrying and get CrystalXtreme® today: