Automotive Xtreme Protection Solution

Why should you use CrystalXtreme® to protect your car?

Most people that own a vehicle, no matter how expensive or inexpensive, new or old, big or small, sporty or luxurious like to keep it clean. However, the reality is that the elements around us ranging from those brought to us by Mother Nature through to pets that are dear to us can create a real mess inside and outside. The ideal would be to buy a car and leave it locked up and only take it out in perfect weather conditions or have it wrapped in cling film or bubble wrap to keep it protected at all times. That’s any car’s ultimate dream but the truth is that these machines we own in most cases has a purpose and to achieve this purpose they must be driven and come face to face with what is out there. As we are not going to be able to determine what any car might come in contact with, we have developed a protective coating that will not only reduce the potential damage caused but also make the inside and the outside of the car a lot easier to clean and maintain. Our CrystalXtreme® coatings are not ideal for only protecting cars but for protecting any transportation vehicle including buses, trucks, trains and any other moving machines. By applying CrystalXtreme®, alloy wheels become easy to clean and blemish free, as brake dust does not burn into the coating. Exterior body work and fuel tanks become protected by a glossy, easy to clean and abrasion resistant coating. Car interiors can also be coated in CrystalXtreme® offering resistance to stains which in effect can significantly reduce odours. Furthermore our TÜV certified coatings for windows and windscreens offer a highly durable and undetectable super-phobic coating which substantially increases visibility when driving in heavy rain and other adverse conditions.

What are the benefits of using CrystalXtreme® to protect your car?

CX_XCreates an abrasion resistant invisible layer of protection

CX_XProtects paint work

CX_XRepels dirt and grease

CX_XMake your alloys easy to clean

CX_XProtects your upholstery from staining

CrystalXtreme® products for cars

Windscreen Protection

  • CrystalXtreme® Windscreen & Visor Protection


Our windscreens are constantly exposed to dirt and grease which at times makes it difficult to clean. Furthermore in certain weather conditions our visibility can be deteriorated by this. Our CrystalXtreme® Windscreen & Visor Protection pack has been designed for car windscreens making these repel water, dirt, grime and very easy to clean. When it rains the super hydrophobic layer enhances visibility.

Xtreme Car Care Kit

  • CrystalXtreme® Car Care Kit


The CrystalXtreme Xtreme Car Care Kit is designed to protect your entire vehicle from, the body, windows, windscreen to the interior. Whether it is stains on the carpets coming from outside or food and drink stains on the seats. The Xtreme Care Care Kit is designed for paint protection, spill protection and enhancing visibility when driving in adverse weather conditions.

How to apply CrystalXtreme® on your car

For information about product specific application please refer to the “Application Instructions” tab on each product in the CrystalXtreme® Shop, and please ensure to read the instructions booklet provided with all orders prior to applying CrystalXtreme® on your car.

Crystalxtreme_application_step_1Clean: Prepare the surface of your car by cleaning it thoroughly ensuring it is free from dust, oil, grease and other soiling or surfactants. Only use cleaners without any drying agents. After this wipe the ca surface down with alcohol, we recommend organic isopropanol. Once completed buff the surface dry with a microfibre cloth. 

Crystalxtreme_application_step_2Apply: Prior to applying CrystalXtreme® on your car ensure the surface is completely dry. Shake the bottle well and spray the CrystalXtreme® product on to a lint-free or microfibre cloth. If you are using the windscreen & visor pack, tear the sachet and remove the pre-treated lint-free cloth. Distribute evenly across the entire surface until the cloth is dry. 

Crystalxtreme_application_step_3Dry: The CrystalXtreme® layer will take a few hours to form itself and therefore it is essential to allow the surface to dry. You may find streak marks appear on your car. Allow the car to dry overnight if possible and then remove the streaks by buff drying the car with the microfibre cloth provided with your CrystalXtreme® order. 

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