CrystalXtreme Protective Coatings

Using nanotechnology to provide the world’s most advanced eco-friendly protection solutions
Manufacturing excellence from Germany

Proud sponsors the Mercedes Quadis Eco-Series Team

Led by Albert de la Torre, Sergi Giralt and Agustín Payá
2015 Eco-series champions

Proud partners of Nigel Lamb

Red Bull Breitling Team Pilot
& 2014 -2015 Red Bull Air Race Master Class World Champion

Proud partners of Héctor Barberá

Spanish Grand Prix motorcycle road racer competing in MotoGP
2015 Open World Champion

Proud sponsors of Sofia Bekatorou

Greek Sailing olympic Champion

CrystalXtreme® Product Range

CrystalXtreme is a range of nano-scale protective coatings for motor vehicles and xtreme sports. Our technology is 100% natural and eco-friendly and some of our coatings are 500 x thinner than a human hair.

Our products are designed to; protect paintwork; create a hydrophobic layer to repel water, liquids, grease and other elements; enhance visibility in adverse conditions; protect from corrosion and resist temperature changes.

Each product in our range is designed to serve a specific purpose to meet our customers’ requirements. CrystalXtreme is manufactured in Germany and headquartered in the United Kingdom and available through our network of motor professionals worldwide.

About Liquid Glass

Liquid glass is a natural and eco-friendly technology which can be used to protect almost any surface from multimedia devices, inside motor vehicles, in surgical theatres, in your homes. We manufacture liquid glass coatings for glass surfaces, wood surfaces and more… Liquid glass is available for different surfaces using the most advanced nanotechnology to create a coating protection. Through extensive research & development we have created a range of liquid glass brands each one targeting the specific needs for their respective industries.

CrystalXtreme Products

CrystalXtreme Car Care Kit is a range of Liquid Glass protective nano-coatings that are 500 times thinner than a human hair.

CrystalXtreme is 100% natural and eco-friendly range of products that offer protection for up to 12 months to 5 years depending on the type of coating. Under a microscope most surfaces whether hard or soft will have pores in them.

CrystalXtreme Windscreen & Visor Protection our windscreens are constantly exposed to dirt and grease which at times makes it difficult to clean. Furthermore in certain weather conditions our visibility can be deteriorated by this.

Our pack has been designed for car windscreens making these repel water, dirt, grime and very easy to clean.


  • CrystalXtreme® Car Care Kit

  • CrystalXtreme® Windscreen & Visor Protection



Nigel Lamb and CrystalXtreme®

Nigel Lamb and CrystalXtreme® Nigel Lamb, Breitling Team Red Bull Air Race 2015 World Champion and the first professional sporting legend to work with CrystalXtreme said “Aerodynamic drag reduction is paramount in this competitive air sport where we are endlessly...

Check out who uses CrystalXtreme® & meet our ambassadors

Nigel Lamb

Breitling Team Red Bull Air Race World Champion

Mercedes-Quadis Eco-Team

Albert de la Torre, Sergi Giralt and Agustín Payá
2015 Eco-series champions

Avintia Racing Team

MotoGP Racing Team

Sofia Bekatorou

Greek Olympic Sailing Champion

Dominique Maltais

Canadian snowboarder, specialising in snowboard cross
Olympic Gold Medallist

Kevin Burdock

P1 Superstock UK Championship & wolrd record holder

VW Rally Team

Volkswagen South African Rally Team

Mohsin Falee

Calisthenics Bahrain


Are you in a competitive sport where a fraction of a second matters? Not only will CrystalXtreme® help you protect your vehicle but it will also reduce drag. & Don’t worry it’s legal because we are natural and eco-friendly technology. Get in touch to find out more! 


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